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Bob Tasca Beats John Force In Atlanta

May 5, 2021 -Not only has Bob III won two events back to back but he also managed to beat out the living legend, John Force to win the final Wally at the Atlanta Dragway, in true Cinderella story fashion...

An Interview with Bob Tasca III

April 8, 2021-Bob Tasca III sits down for an interview with Casey Campbell. They cover everything from upcoming races, The 2021 NHRA season, The next generation of Tasca Racing, and the future of electric racing...

Cool Car Contest Hall of Fame

March 29, 2021- Here at Tasca Parts, There's nothing, we love more than seeing your completed projects! That's why over the past couple of years, we've hosted a Bi-weekly cool car contest. Participants in our contest have the opportunity to submit their most prized vehicles for a chance to be crowned...

The Top Ten Ford F-series Models

March 15, 2021- Where would we be without the Ford F-series? Ford’s best-selling pickup truck in the united states since 1977. In fact, it’s estimated that every 45 seconds someone, somewhere purchases a new F-Series. That means Ford is selling over...

Tasca, Ford, and Customer Satisfaction

January 7, 2021-  Bob Tasca, Sr. opened his first Ford dealership in 1953. By the 1960s Tasca Ford had become the second-largest Ford dealership in the world...

OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket parts

December 30, 2020- It's always important to remember that all car parts are not created equal. There are a plethora of variables to consider when choosing OEM Vs Aftermarket Parts...

Tasca Parts Gift Guide: 2020

December  16, 2020- It's that time of year again, time to break out the trees and tinsel to prepare for our most joyous of all holidays. While the pandemic continues to alter any resemblance of normalcy, It's important that we still show...

2021 NHRA Schedule

November 5, 2020/ January 7, 2021 -NHRA officials announced the details of the 2021 Camping World Drag Racing Series 23-event season, revealing national event pro category qualifying days and specialty series schedules.

5 Signs Your Brakes Need To Be Replaced

October 8, 2020/ January 7, 2021 -Brake pads are truly the unsung hero of almost any vehicle. But how are we maintaining this vital auto part? Brake pads tend to Last around 50,000 miles but every vehicle is different and unfortunately, there are just too many variables to slap a generic 50,000-mile limit on brakes. Before you panic and head straight to the OEM Parts catalog, check out These 5 signs it may be time to replace your brake pads.

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Mazda

December 29, 2020-  Mazda Motor Corporation, or simply, Mazda, is a multinational automaker based in Japan. Mazda started in 1920 in Hiroshima, Japan as The Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., which was a cork Manufacturing Company... That's right, Corks...

Tasca Parts Video Tutorial Contest

5 October 2020-Tasca Community: Are you ready to create an engaging video that will be watched by people all over the world, every day? We are calling the most creative among you to make a Tutorial video that showcases your unique perspective on performing routine maintenance. Remember, the simpler, the better! 

How to Maintain Your Car During a COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Order

16 April 2020 - A car parked in the driveway or street has the same number of working parts as a car driven everyday. Maintaining all parts of your vehicle, even when it’s not being driven regularly, will help extend its life and ensure it’s ready to go when it’s needed. We've got some car care tips that will help you keep your parked car in working shape while you’re taking a break from driving.

How to Keep Coronavirus Out of Your Car [or How to Properly Disinfect and Sanitize Your Vehicle]

30 March 2020 - If there were ever a time to deep clean and sanitize the inside of your vehicle, it would be now. The COVID-19 coronavirus is highly contagious and can survive for varying lengths of time on surfaces outside the human body. Use these disinfecting and cleaning tips for your vehicle to make sure you're doing the best you can to prevent the virus' spread while simultaneously not damaging the materials in your vehicle.

Revised 2020 NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Schedule

26 March 2020 - We're doing our best to keep you updated with changes resulting from COVID-19. Check out the newly revised 2020 Mello Yello Drag Racing Series schedule. As of right now, Bob Tasca III will be competing in all rescheduled events

Some Facts You May Not Know About Us

20 March 2020 - We hope you know about our great prices on OEM auto parts, but did you know who runs our online business? Here are some facts about us that might be new to you!

NHRA Postpones 2020 Season for at Least 30 Days

17 March 2020 - In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the NHRA is pausing its drag racing season and other events for a minimum of 30 days.

What are Cores & Core Charges

28 February 2020 - Have you been told you need to pay a core charge and you're not quite sure what that is? You're not the only one, don't worry. Here's a quick and easy explanation that should answer all your questions.

2020 NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Schedule

04 February 2020 - Get ready for a winning season! The 2020 NHRA Mello Yello drag racing season starts on February 6 in Pomona, CA with the Lucas Oil NHRA Winternationals! Bob Tasca III will be competing in all 24 Mello Yello events. Check out the full schedule.

Tips to Get Your Car Ready for the Winter

05 November 2019 - Protect yourself, your passengers, and others on the roads around you this winter by preparing yourself and your vehicle for cold weather conditions. Follow these 12 tips to get one step ahead of winter.

Check Out This Commercial!

04 September 2019 - We did a thing! We made a new auto parts commercial! We wanted to show everyone that you don't have to sacrifice quality for price when buying OEM parts. You just need to shop with us - at TascaParts.com!

The Best International Road Trips [Plus a Car Maintenance Checklist]

29 May 2019 - Looking for an adventure? Take a road trip! Check out this list of some of the best international road trip ideas - plus a car maintenance checklist to make sure your car is ready for a trip.

How Much Gas Does Idling My Car Use? (And Other Commonly Asked Car Maintenance Questions)

07 May 2019 - How much gas does idling my car use? Does running the air conditioning use extra fuel? Get answers to come of the most commonly asked car maintenance questions.

It’s True - Most U.S. Vehicles Have Truly Awful Headlights

23 April 2019 - According to the IIHS, most U.S. vehicles have pretty poor headlights. But headlights are essential for night driving. Read how to care for your headlights in order to help ensure your safety, the safety of your passengers, and the safety of others on the road.

Bob Tasca III to Open 2019 NHRA Mello Yello Season with New Ford Performance Mustang Funny Car Body

06 February 2019 - Bob Tasca III is about to take to the tracks with Ford Performance’s new 2019 Mustang Shelby Funny Car body. Tasca and his Motorcraft/Quicklane Funny Car team officially start the 2019 NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing season this Thursday at the Lucas Oil Winter nationals in Pomona, CA.

How to Clear Foggy Windows on Cold and Hot Days

18 December 2018 - Dealing with foggy windows can be the ultimate frustration. Learn how to quickly clear up window condensation in your vehicle on cold and hot days.

Travel Tips for the Holiday Season

14 November 2018 - Do you travel for the holidays? Whether you’re planning a family vacation, a winter getaway, or just navigating familiar roads on a normal day you’ll want to be prepared.

Top 12 Fuel-Saving Tips to Improve Your Car’s Gas Economy (Plus the Best Apps to Find Cheap Gas Near You)

27 June 2018 - How can you use less gas when driving? Where can you find the cheapest fuel near you? Check out these 12 tips for using less gas when driving, plus some of the best apps for finding the cheapest gas prices around.

6 Car Cleaning Tips You Can Do Right Now

05 April 2018 - Spring is the perfect time to clean your car interior and car exterior. So get out your buckets, detergent, towels, and vacuum! These 6 easy spring car maintenance tips will help preserve the paint, finish, and longevity of your ride.

6 Driving Habits You Need to Break Right Now

23 February 2018 - Habits can be hard to break. But some driving habits are worse for your vehicle than others. Here's a short list of six driving habits and actions that can damage your vehicle, put passenger safety at risk, and lead to costly maintenance repairs.

Meet Omnicraft - Ford Parts for Non-Ford Vehicles

09 February 2018 - Now you don’t have to own a Ford or Lincoln vehicle to take advantage of Ford’s reputation for high-quality aftermarket products. Tasca Parts now carries Omnicraft - Ford's aftermarket line of high-quality, affordable non-Ford parts.

Tasca Racing 2018 NHRA Schedule

02 February 2018 - Bob Tasca III and his Ford Shelby Mustang are scheduled to compete in the full 2018 NHRA season! Check out the full season on our website!

5 Most Popular Articles of 2017

10 January 2018 - Check out the 5 most popular articles on our website this past year.

Ford, Tasca, and the 2018 NHRA Drag Racing Season

13 November 2017 - Tasca Racing will be back full time for the 2018 NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Season with Ford Performance as its official sponsor.

What to Do If Your Package Arrives Damaged

13 November 2017 - Your Tasca Parts order arrives at your door looking like it's been through battle and back. Learn how to report and file a claim for packages damaged during shipping.

How to Store a Car for the Winter: A Step-by-Step Guide

27 October 2017 - Learn how to store a car for the winter with these easy steps.

How Much Does Your Car Know About You? (6 Ways to Protect the Info Your Car Collects About You)

25 September 2017 - Discover 6 easy ways to protect the information your car collects about you. Cars are smarter and more connected than ever - take steps today to protect your personal information.

8 Steps to Take When Your Car Breaks Down

01 August 2017 - Find out how to safely handle a car breakdown in 8 easy steps that will help increase your safety and reduce your stress.

Take the Ultimate American Road Trip

06 June 2017 - America has over 4 million miles of public roads. Check out these ideas for some of the best road trips, including how to plan the ultimate American road trip.

Build the Ultimate Vehicle First Aid & Emergency Survival Kit

06 June 2017 - Roadside emergencies can happen at any time, in any place, to anyone. Even having the most basic emergency items in your vehicle can help increase your safety and reduce your stress.

What's Keeping Us From Going Electric?

12 May 2017 - The age of electric vehicles is here! But American consumers seem unwilling to make the switch. What needs to happen to change their minds?

Tasca Racing 2017 NHRA Schedule

19 April 2017 - Check out Bob Tasca III's NHRA racing schedule for this 2017 season!

6 Ways to Invest Your Tax return in Your Car (and Still Have $ in the Bank)

21 March 2017 - Let us give you some practical and fun ideas for wisely using your tax refund on your car or truck. You don't need to break the bank to get the results you want.

4 Customer Service Lessons Learned from the Biggest Recall in Automotive History

08 March 2017 - Your company’s ability to handle crises as well listen to, and respond to, its employees and customers is key to effective working relationships and successful endeavors. What lessons can be learned from the biggest recall in automotive history?

Yes, We Really Do Need Your VIN

01 February 2017 - If you’re looking to purchase an OEM part or accessory for your vehicle - one that FITS your vehicle (and you want to get it right the first time) - providing us with your VIN is one of the most important steps you can take.

Is Autonomous Technology a Threat to Humanity?

16 January 2017 - Autonomous vehicles and technology are a reality. But does this centralization of decision-making and control threaten what it means to be human?

The Dilemma of the Better Built Vehicle

28 December 2016 - Consumers are definitely benefiting from better-built, longer-lasting vehicles - but has the auto industry improved itself into a self-made Catch 22?

Cold Weather & Your Car

06 December 2016 - Cold weather. You love it. You hate it. You’re probably going to encounter it at some point in your life. Knowledge of a few key tips can help save you AND your car a whole lot of grief.

10 Ways to Do Thanks

11 November 2016 - Here are 10 easy ways (instead of telling everyone what you’re thankful for) to DO something to show that you’re thankful this holiday season.

Know Your Brakes

25 October 2016 - Did you know that the stopping distance required on ice at 0°F is twice the amount required at 32°F? Or that tire pressure drops by about 1 pound per 10° of temperature? Knowing your brakes could make all the difference.

Car Features: The Practical & the Ludicrous

23 September 2016 - What car features should be standard in all new vehicles? Which ones are you willing to pay extra for? And which features are just ridiculous?

End-of-Summer Vehicle Checklist

18 August 2016 - Summer can be rough on vehicles: heat, dust, stop-and-go traffic, and road trips can take their toll on cars. This Top 10 End-of-Summer Vehicle Checklist includes a number of items you’ll want to consider - especially if you have student drivers in your household heading back to school.

5 Reasons to Buy OEM

15 January 2016 - Not all auto parts are created equal. Manufacturers know their cars better than anyone else, and design their replacement parts to reflect that expertise.