Tasca Parts Advice and How-To

Tasca Parts Advice and How-to

 Upgrading your car and performing regular maintenance may appear to be a daunting task. If you don’t have the proper instruction and materials, things can go wrong pretty fast. Tasca Parts recognizes the steep learning curve associated with car maintenance and upgrades. As a result, We’ve compiled the advice and knowledge of some of our most experienced industry professionals and developed comprehensive guides and videos to help you get the job done from the comfort of your garage!

Updates: 1/19/2021, 1/09/2021

Maintenance: Advice and How-to 

How To Replace a Turn Signal Light

Turn signals are essential in operating your vehicle safely. So essential, it is actually, illegal to operate a vehicle without fully functioning turn signals. You can easily change a blown-out turn signal bulb using a few basic tools and by following these easy steps...

How To Replace an Accessory Drive Belt

Getting to know the early signs of belt wear can help you save money on belt replacement. Replacing a worn or damaged belt can be a relatively easy process however, it always helps to have a basic understanding of the components within your engine.

How To Replace a Broken Side-View Mirror

Since the side view mirrors protrude outside the vehicle, the chances of it getting damaged are generally higher. you'll often find that residents of major metropolitan cities can attest to this rather unfortunate trend...

How to Install a brake light switch On a Ford F-150

As I'm sure you know, It is illegal to drive at night without tail lights, brake lights, and blinkers. Unfortunately, this means a good amount of drivers are informed of their faulty brake lights by an officer holding a bright yellow ticket for $100..

How to Perform Routine Tire and Wheel Repairs

Tires and wheels. Pretty simple, right? You do the “Quarter Test” (NOT the penny test!) to check the tread, check the pressure now and then, and that's it . . . until it isn't.We all know that feeling of dread when you’re driving unsuspectingly along in your car and, all of a sudden..

How To Fix Oil Leaks On a Jeep Grand Cherokee

Oil leaks are one of the most common issues encountered in a vehicle, especially the Jeep Grand Cherokee. It's best practice to identify and fix leaks as early as possible because ignoring leaks could prolong and exacerbate various other problems. Identifying the source...

How to Replace a Tail Light

If you've ever stepped foot in a car, you should be familiar with tail lights... You know, Those little lights that are the only indication that the Minivan that just cut you off has decided to decrease their speed by 20mph...

How to Replace a Rear Axle Bearing

Axle bearings allow the axle to spin freely inside the axle housing. Axel bearing malfunctions Typically manifest as, grease discharge and in some cases, the wheel, or axle, the bearing could become noisy during operation. In more serious instances...

How to Replace Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are extremely important for the overall safety of the vehicle and the people inside them. It is important to check the wiper blades periodically to ensure...

How to Replace a Car Battery

Headlights not as bright as when you first purchased the car? Are you constantly in need of a jump start? Chances are you may need a new car battery. Fortunately, Tasca parts has you covered with a comprehensive guide to replacing a car battery.

How to Replace Your Engine Air Filter

It is important to clean the air filter at periodic intervals to allow free and clean airflow. Check out this comprehensive guide to replacing your air filter and, don't forget to check out our online catalog of air filters for up to 40% off MSRP!

How to Replace an Accessory Drive Belt

Looking to save some cash on labor? Replacing an Accessory Drive Belt can save you almost $150 on parts and labor! It should be noted, that this repair...

How to Adjust Your Cars Headlights

Having your headlights configured properly can make all the difference. At 60Mph, reaction time is narrowed down to seconds, and being alerted of the road hazard just one second before a potential impact can...

How to Check Your Car's Fluid Levels

Your car’s fluids are its lifeblood. Frequently checking fluids can help you ensure your car runs smoothly and efficiently!

How to Rotate Tires

Are you Looking to save some cash on a tire rotation? Fortunately, performing a tire rotation is not that hard at all. You can actually rotate your tires yourself in around 35 minutes. The only thing you'll need is...

Installation: Advice and How to 

How to Install OEM Ford Running Boards On a Ford F-150

Before you begin installing your OEM Ford running board, ensure you take the following precautions...

How to Install OEM Rear Drum Brakes On a 2008 Chevy Silverado

Drum Brakes are still prevalent with older models of vehicles. Exactly How long do Drum Brakes Last? That is completely dependent on the vehicle and the continued maintenance of the vehicle over its lifetime. 

Although many suggest...

How to Install OEM Rear Shock Absorbers on a 2007 Chevy Silverado

Shock absorbers ensure the safety, stability, and comfort of your vehicle. Not only do shock absorbers protect the operator of the vehicle, but they also significantly reduce wear on machinery which could lead to...

How to Install OEM Front Brakes & Rotors On a 2012 GMC Sierra

If you have some experience working with cars you should be able to change out your front brake pads in around 2-4 hours. Changing out brake pads can be a fun project to build upon your DIY Skills, not to mention You’ll save yourself around $350 in labor! Check out this video of our Tasca Technician Showing you how it’s done! 

How to Assemble Curt 16550 R20 Roller

Need some extra towing power? The R20 5th Wheel Roller is the premier product in advanced towing capabilities. Check out this video for a complete installation guide to... 

Product Selection: Advice and How to

How To Avoid Rental Car Incident Claims

ou drive your rental vehicle impeccably, returned it, settled your bill, and sensibly accepted that your exchange was finished; just to get a substantial bill two months after the fact with a dubious claim that the vehicle had been harmed under your careful watch...

How to Choose the Right Remote Engine Starter for Your Vehicle

Buying a starter for your vehicle can be an intimidating experience. Especially when you have no idea what you are looking for. In such cases, you can start with checking on a few basic points...

How to Choose The Correct Battery For Your Vehicle

Battery light on again? Check out this comprehensive guide to choosing the best replacement battery for your vehicle.

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