How To Fix Oil Leaks On a Jeep Grand Cherokee

March 9, 2021

How To Fix Oil Leaks On a Jeep Grand Cherokee 

Jeep Grand Cherokee  

Oil leaks are one of the most common issues encountered in a vehicle, especially the Jeep Grand Cherokee.  It's best practice to identify and fix leaks as early as possible because ignoring leaks could prolong and exacerbate various other problems. Identifying the source of the oil leak is in itself, half the battle in fixing the issue.

There are a number of symptoms to look out for to identify an oil leak in your Jeep Cherokee. One of the most common symptoms of an oil leak is the presence of little droplets or a pool of oil under your vehicle. Another symptom is leaking oil from the engine. In some instances, the oil can leak onto the exhaust manifolds, which can result in a foul-smelling gas that is emitted from the engine.

Once you know that oil is leaking from your Jeep Cherokee, the next step is to identify where it is coming from. Depending on where the leak is happening, fixing it can either be relatively easy or sometimes quite challenging. There are a number of places from where the oil can leak. check all of the following areas to locate that pesky leak. 

  • Oil filter: The oil filter can leak oil if it has been damaged or has not been sealed properly.
  • Oil drain plug: Another commonplace to develop a leak is the oil drain plug. Oil can leak here if the washer is not sealed properly. Also, if the oil plug was left loose or has been stripped, it can lead to an oil leak.
  • Valve cover gasket: This is one of the most common places for an oil leak. The valve cover covers the top part of the cylinder. The gasket runs around the valve cover and can develop a leak. If the leak appears on the front side of the engine, it can be identified very easily. But, if it appears on the backside, it becomes difficult to locate and fix. Leaving the Valve cover gasket leak unattended can lead to damage to other parts of your vehicle.
  • Oil pan: The oil pan is another commonplace for an oil leak. In most cases, the gasket present between the oil pan and engine block will get damaged. Fixing an oil leak from the pan area normally takes time and requires a lot of skill and patience.
  • Opening in the camshaft position sensor: If the opening in the camshaft position sensor gets flat, this can cause an oil leak under the sensor.
  • Brake vacuum pump: There are two openings in the pump, one big and one small, that can sometimes leak oil. The oil can drip on the transmission housing and on the side of the cylinder head.
  • Timing cover: The timing cover can develop a leak in instances when a new timing chain was installed or a cylinder head was removed, and a proper fix was not done. The oil leak, in this situation, will happen to the oil pan. Sometimes, you may feel the leak is from the oil pan but on closer inspection, the leak will actually be from the timing cover.
  • Crankshaft seal: Fixing a leak from the crankshaft seal can be quite complicated and will require expert supervision. This can require removing the engine and the transmission to fix the leak.
  • Oil pressure sensor: The oil pressure sensor, present under the water pump, can leak oil if it gets loose.

One of the first things to do when you find oil leaking under your Jeep Cherokee is to check all levels from the power steering, brake fluid, engine oil, and coolant and identify the source of the leak as quickly as possible. To keep engine risks to a minimum, it is advised to check the levels every two weeks.

Fixing Leaks Within Various parts of Your Jeep Grand Cherokee

Oil Drain Plug

To fix a leak from an oil plug, you can replace the part. If you decide to replace your oil drain plug, be sure to get new oil as well because you will lose engine oil when dealing with either one. To do this, remove the drain plug and drain all engine oil. Then, change the drain gasket and tighten the plug to the correct torque. Finally, check the hot engine to be sure the leak has been fixed.

Oil Filter

To fix an oil filter leak, you will have to replace the oil filter itself. For this, remove the oil filter using a filter wrench. Be careful that the gasket does not stick to the engine. Then, set the new filter and tighten it as required. Finally, check the hot engine to confirm the oil leak has stopped.

Valve cover gasket

To fix the leak, you can try tightening the valve cover. If it does not work, you will have to replace the gasket.

Oil pan

To fix this leak, you can try tightening the gasket. If this fails to solve the problem, go ahead and replace the gasket. Exercise caution when you get down and tighten the bolts. Ensure you follow all safety precautions such as using ramps or jack stands when proceeding with this.

Pressure switch

In some cases, the pressure switch can also cause an oil leak, To fix this, you must replace the pressure switch. Firstly, you must set a drain tray under the pressure switch, disconnect the electrical wire, and remove the part. Then, quickly replace the replacement pressure switch and clean the whole thing. Finally, check your vehicle’s hot engine to confirm no oil is leaking from your Jeep Cherokee.

It can be a tough job finding the exact point of a leak in your Jeep Cherokee, particularly in a tight and cramped engine compartment. If you are not comfortable with fixing the oil leak, reach out to your local mechanic or service station for assistance.