How to Install a brake light switch On a Ford F-150

Tools Necessary for Install: 

  • New Brake Light Switch
  • Needle Nose Pliers 
  •  Protective Gloves

How does a brake light switch work?

The brake light switch is located on the arm of the brake pedal. When the Arm of the brake is pressed by the driver, the electrical circuit is completed and your brake lights will illuminate to warn other drivers of your intention to stop. Check out the Ford F-150 wiring diagram below for more information regarding ford's electrical schematics. 

How much does it cost to replace a brake switch?

Brake light switches tend to cost around $30-$70 however you’ll find an extensive selection of OEM brake lights switches at nearly 40% off MSRP by clicking the link below.

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How do you know if your brake light switch is broken or Faulty? 

As I'm sure you know, It is illegal to drive at night without tail lights, brake lights, and blinkers. Unfortunately, this means a good amount of drivers are informed of their faulty brake lights by an officer holding a bright yellow ticket for $100. The dizzying headache of dealing with the ticket and any insurance-related repercussions should be enough to consider regularly inspecting your brake lights.  If you’re fortunate enough to suspect a faulty brake light before the police, you can verify your suspicion by backing up to a wall and pressing the brakes. If you don’t see a bright red reflection on the wall, it’s time for a new light switch.

Steps to Diagnose Broken Light Switches:

It is important to note that problems with brake light functionality can be the result of several different internal component malfunctions. You’ll save yourself a considerable amount of time by diagnosing the problem before ordering parts/ attempting to install a new brake light switch. So where do we start when diagnosing faulty brake light switches? Well, we go about this process by closely inspecting other components involved in your brake light wiring.

  • Check your fuse box to ensure the fuse marked “brake light” Is not burned out. 
Check your fuse box to ensure the fuse marked “brake light” Is not burned out

Source: Fixya.comfullimage.

  • Check to see if your turn signals are working properly. If your turn signals are dim or not functioning at all, you may need to replace your vehicle’s brake light bulbs. 

How to fix a faulty brake light switch

 For this particular example, we will be focusing on replacing the faulty brake light switch of a 2008 Ford F-150.  Not only is this vehicle, one of Fords most popular models, but the inner components of the car have not changed all the much over the years, meaning these instructions should pertain to a majority of F-150 from the Ninth Generation (1992-1997) to Fourteenth Generation 2021 (present)  

Step One: 

For the first step, you are going to want to reach down underneath your dashboard. You should see a green clip about an inch from your brake pedal. 

Step Two: 

Use your needle nose pliers to push down on the green tab until it pops out. Once the green tab has been removed, you’ll see another green cotter pin; You’ll need to pull the cotter pin from its current position. 
Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, it is possible that your electric cover may be fastened in place with 10mm Bolts and or a number of screws. Simply grab a Philips head screwdriver and remove the screws to free up the Brake bar. 

Step Three:  

After you’ve removed the cover, you’ll see the vehicle's brake light switch. Carefully disconnect the brake light switch from the power supply. 

Step Four: 

Next, you’ll want to fasten your new brake light switch to your power supply and replace the electrical covers and screws that hold the Brake light switch and power connector in place.

Step Five: 

Once everything is securely replaced, turn on your vehicle and press your brakes to ensure they are working properly. If you are alone, simply back your car up to a wall and press your brake pedal to check for your brake lights reflection on the wall. 
If your brake lights are still not working, seek the advice of a certified mechanic as it is entirely possible that the source of your issue is caused by a different component within your vehicle.

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