Bob Tasca III sets another NHRA Record & Promptly Challenges Elon Musk to A Race

This past weekend, fans poured into the summit Motorsports park for the summit racing equipment NHRA Nationals. Pro racers battled it out at breakneck speeds for their chance to claim the coveted NHRA Wally. In addition, to the exhilarating experience that fans have come to know and love From the NHRA, Attendees also had an opportunity to experience the future of racing! That’s right, Ford was kind enough to send out their all-electric Ford Mustang Cobra jet 1400 and Bob Tasca III was all too eager to get behind the wheel.

Tasca parts crew celebtrates a new world Record

Bob's No Stranger to EV’s. In a recent interview with Casey Campbell, Bob spoke about his opinion on Ev Racing as a whole.

The engines going to be around for a real, long time. and of course, they've said to me 'well gee Bob, I thought you're a piston guy ?'

'no no', I said 'I'm a performance guy, okay?!'

and getting in an electric car and feeling that instant torque; and having a platform like NHRA where the manufacturers can come in and really push their technology to the limits, to learn. you know that's really where we learn a lot; is out on the racetracks whether it's NASCAR or road racing or drag racing. we take that technology back to dearborn and use it in the cars that are on the street. I love it! I think it's exciting to see another type of racing that's coming out across all industries not just drag racing but I think drag racing, in particular, is going to really take this and run with it because electrification is one of the most exciting parts. The torque and acceleration that you feel and there's no better platform than drag racing to really show it off.”

Ford’s EV technology was certainly on full display this past weekend at the NHRA Summit Nationals. and for good reason, considering EV manufacturers are essentially in a technological arms race to develop the most promising line of electric vehicles. And after this weekend, It is without a doubt that Ford Stands as a forerunner in the electrification race. While the Mustang cobra Jet 1400, Is currently only available for exhibition races, this new cobra jet provides consumers with a powerful insight into the capabilities of electronic vehicles. Bob has been itching to get behind the wheel of the Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 since he last set the EV quarter-mile record last September. So with Fire in his eyes and a really expensive state-of-the-art Cobra Jet at his disposal, Bob set out to beat his quarter-mile record.

On the first attempt, Bob Managed to cover a quarter-mile in 8.26 seconds, hitting an impressive 167 mph. On Bob's second attempt, he managed to clear the quarter-mile in 8.12 seconds at 171.97 mph, an official NHRA Record.

Bob Challenges Elon Musk to a Race

Before the dust on the track had even settled, Bob took to Twitter to challenge Elon Musk to a race. Unfortunately for racing fans all over, Musk has yet to respond to the challenge.

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