Invest Your Tax Return in Your Car (and Still Have $ to spare)

March 21, 2017, January 21, 2021 

TascaParts can help you wisely invest your tax return in your car this year.Ah, Tax Return Season - better than your birthday and more anticipated than Christmas. 

(Be honest. How many of you hear your inner child excitedly yelling, “Alright! My tax return! Give me ALL the car parts!”?)

Hold on - don’t stock up on Ramen noodles quite yet. We have some suggestions for investing your tax return in your car that won’t break the bank or cause you to be eating like a college student for the next few months.

If the entries that we get in response to our monthly Facebook Cool Car contest are any evidence, your car is likely your second (or your primary?) biggest investment next to your home.

A properly maintained car is safer, more dependable, more fuel-efficient, and more valuable than one not maintained. Taking care of your car or truck today by repairing it with OEM parts (in case you still need convincing, here are 5 reasons to buy OEM) designed and engineered specifically for your vehicle will help ensure that it’s running for many more tomorrows.

So, are you ready to take care of that small (or large) fix you’ve been putting off and increase the longevity of your car? Or, are you having trouble ignoring the little voice yelling “Go fun! Go fast!”? We can help with both - keep reading for ideas on how best to use your tax return to maintain and/or modify your ride.

5 PRACTICAL ways to use your tax return on your car:

OEM Brakes and Rotors

OEM Brakes - Safety First!

Let’s talk brakes. Brakes should be inspected on a regular basis by a trusted repair facility that can measure pad and shoe thickness, check for even wear of the pads and shoes, check rotors for run out and hot spots, and check hardware to make sure that it’s working properly and is properly adjusted. They’ll also make sure that the wheel cylinders, brake lines, and brake master cylinder aren’t leaking, inspect calipers for wear, and check the level and condition of the brake fluid.

Brake systems are designed for a specific combination of rotor/drum and pad/shoe and OEM brake components are designed and engineered specifically for your vehicle by the auto manufacturer. The best way to ensure you have the best fit for your vehicle is to buy genuine OEM parts.

We can take care of your OEM brake needs with among the lowest prices you’ll find online (or in-store).

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Steering & Suspension

To oversimplify, the steering and suspension keep your wheels on the ground. Together, they are necessary for proper vehicle stability, control, and safe handling. If steering or suspension components start to go, you’re - literally - in for a bumpy ride.

Signs of trouble include noise when driving over bumps, vehicle bouncing, hard turning, uneven tire wear, and wandering wheels. Don’t wait until too late! Help guarantee that your vehicle continues to operate safely and reliably by having your steering and suspension systems (including ball joints, tie rod ends, control arm bushings, struts and stabilizer links - just to name a few) inspected regularly, and replaced with OEM parts as needed.

Cooling System

Car engines today still primarily burn gasoline to generate mechanical energy. Yet, despite advancements in technology, engines continue to lose most of the energy from gasoline to heat energy that needs to be dissipated in order to keep the engine from overheating. Your car’s cooling system is responsible for keeping your engine cool by transferring heat to the air, but also for maintaining the engine at a constant optimal temperature.

Hot engines inevitably fail, and engine failures are expensive. The one part of your car or truck that you don’t want to have to replace is the engine. Using OEM parts can help ensure proper fit and optimal performance.

Remote Starters 

Mornings, ideally the most peaceful time of the day. You make your coffee, hop in the shower and relax with loved ones until it's finally that time to depart for the day. You leave the house only to realize, your car has not been started. In fact, your car has not run since the day prior and probably requires a good 10 minutes of idling before you can safely operate your vehicle. You jump into the car and quickly put the keys in the ignition and twist. The car slowly turns over and the dreaded wait begins... 

Nearly freezing, while you wait for your car to warm up does not have to happen every day. In fact, it never has to happen again! Installing a remote car starter will ensure you never have to wait for your vehicle while it warms up again. Fortunately, Tasca parts offer's a wide range of remote starters at up to 40% off MSRP! Now, we don't want to bore you by listing every Remote starter we offer...(there's a lot) but we would be doing you a great disservice, In not mentioning one of our customer's favorites. The OEM 100 Series Plug-N-play for ford vehicles is by far our most popular remote starter. I'm sure you're asking "What's could be so great about this product?" Well, the 100 series Plug-N-Play is unique, in that, you simply plug it in, and your good to go! so on top of the initial discount of the product, almost anyone can save an extra hundred bucks by installing this component from the comfort of your garage. This particular product requires the Remote Start, RFR antenna kit but for a mear $24.20, you'll be able to install your remote starter for a total of $254.10!        

How to Choose the right Remote starter for your Vehicle

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OEM All-Weather Floor Mats

You can not go wrong with investing in all-weather floor mats for your vehicle. After all, cars are a big investment! and it's always a good idea to protect your investments. Genuine, OEM floor mats are your first line of defense for whatever life throws at you. Whether you're looking to keep your car impeccable for resale in the future or you're just the type of person that likes their ride to be spotless, All-weather Floor Mats will do the trick. With prices varying from $50-$150, OEM all-weather floor mats are by far one of the cheapest ways to protect your interior. 

Two things to consider when choosing the best All-weather Floor mats for your vehicle 

  • Read reviews! After selecting a couple of all-weather Floor mats you like, be sure to quickly google the part numbers and read product reviews. Product reviews are great because they are not only honest but insightful as well. You can save a considerable amount of time and money by checking out reviews before purchasing your floor mats 
  • You should be absolutely positive the floor mats will fit your vehicle. Our all-weather floor mats indicate the best fits in the product description. So be sure to check out the product description before adding your Floor mats to your cart. 

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3 FUN ways to use your tax return on your car:

We know - realistically, these suggestions also fall under the “practical ways to spend money on your car” category . . . but we won’t tell if you won’t!

F-150 Alloy Wheel FL3Z-1007-MWheels

Ready to give your ride a little more zing? Wheels are a popular, sure-fire way to give your car a new look for the new year.

Shop OEM wheels

Short Throw Shifter

A pure performance add-on - but oh-so-worth it if you enjoy the feel of quickly clicking through the gears. Short throw shifters shorten the distance that the gear lever needs to travel between gears, offering more precise shifts.

Shop Short Throw Shifters

Performance Pack/Upgrade

To go fast(er), you’ll need a bit more than nice wheels. You’ll need to invest a little extra dough into the driveline of your car or truck.

One option is to go it on your own and pick out the parts for your performance upgrade individually - probably the option best suited for those who know exactly what they want.

The more popular option is to purchase a performance pack “as is”. The Tasca Mod Shop, responsible for both Carl Tasca Sr.’s Ford Cobra Jet and on Bob Tasca III’s Ford Shelby Nitro Funny Car, is on the cutting edge of Ford performance development.

The Tasca Mod Shop/Tasca Performance, for instance, offers Performance Upgrade packages for the 2011-2017 Ford Mustang GT, 2011-2014 Ford Shelby GT, 2010-2016 Ford Taurus SHO and Lincoln MKS, 2015-2017 Ford F-150 (5.0L), and 2010-2014 Ford F-150 Raptor.

The Tasca name has been synonymous with Ford High Performance for over 50 years. Tasca Ford was the birthplace of some of the most iconic Ford performance vehicles in history, including the Cobra Jet, Thunderbolt, Tasca Street Boss, and the Mystery race cars. Bob Tasca, Sr. worked closely with other icons such as Henry Ford II and Carroll Shelby to bring Ford to the forefront of performance during the golden era 60’s and 70’s. The Tasca Racing team competed successfully for over a decade on the NHRA circuit winning the prestigious Winter Nationals in Pomona, California and the Super Stock Nationals in 1965 with Hall of Fame driver Bill Lawton.

Let Us Help You

Are you a DIYer? Or not so much? Regardless, our team here at Tasca Parts can help you find the part or accessory fitted specifically for your vehicle. All you need for the perfect shopping experience is your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)!

For those unfamiliar with, after inputting the year, make, and model of your vehicle, our website will help you find the parts you need. The final step will be 100% part-to-vehicle match using your car’s or truck’s VIN; this final verification is key to saving you time, money, and frustration by guaranteeing you get the right part for your vehicle the first time around.

Our promises to our customers

The Tasca family always puts customer service above all else, and stands by our promise to deliver:

  • Genuine OEM parts and accessories
  • Brand new items (you will NEVER get a used part or accessory from us)
  • Top-notch, personalized customer service (we’ve even won awards for our customer service)
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