The Top Ten Ford F-series Models

The Ford F-series burst into the market in 1948 as Ford’s answer to the post-war market boom. For about $1200 you could pick up Ford's newest f-1 truck complete with a 95 BHP straight-six. In the first year, The F-series sold over 143,000 Units. The initial popularity of truck, lead ford to release the second generation of F-series in 1953. The second generation, featured wider dimensions, better engines, and upgraded chassis. The second generation and the f-100, in particular, ignited an f series craze. The f-100 quickly became the F series flagship product. That is until 1983 when the introduction of the F-150 changed things forever… 
Where would we be without the Ford F-series? Ford’s best-selling pickup truck in the united states since 1977. In fact, it’s estimated that every 45 seconds someone, somewhere purchases a new F-Series. That means Ford is selling over 3,200 New F-series a day! This line of full-size pickup trucks has revolutionized the automotive industry and they certainly have the awards to warrant such an impressive  claim. Motor trend 2009 truck of the year, Automotive excellence award in the Workhorse Category from Popular mechanics and the list goes on. Deciding which one of these specimens of mechanical geniuses is the overall best, is certainly going to be difficult. So to keep our list as quantitative as possible (as possible being the keyword here) we are evaluating each vehicle on overall sales, overall reception, and best design.   


1.1953 Ford F-100

1953 FORD F-100
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How could a car from 1953 top the chart? to be honest, the car’s design is just impeccable, especially considering the time it was created. It goes without saying, 1953 was a good year for Ford. They had just celebrated their 50th anniversary and launched one of the most successful series of vehicles to ever be created. Like many, successful companies Ford went back to the basics and built up with this one. The car’s key intention is user-friendliness and it delivers in almost every aspect. The car features its iconic horizontal grill bars as well as an adjusted front axel for an improved turning radius. Under the hood, this car features a Flathead V8 with 100 Hp. The F-100 also features the option of “Ford-O-Matic", Automatic transmissions. This powerful yet versatile beast won the heart of the American public since its creation

2. 2020 Ford F150 Raptor

2020 Ford F150 Raptor

Driving a 2020 Ford F-150 Raptor is little like owning a street-legal monster truck. The widened f-150 body makes for an imposing threat to anyone that dare switch into your lane. Geared with a 450-HP Twin Turbo V6 engine and a ten-speed automatic transmission. The f-150 Raptor is priced at a humble $55,150. The 2020 Ford F-150 Raptor may break the bank a little but we assure you it is worth every penny.

3. 2016 F-150 Platinum

2016 FORD F-150 Platinum

Nicknamed the Businessman’s truck, The 2016 Ford F-150 platinum carefully treads the line of sleek, Business professional, and all-around Workhorse- Kind of like a body-builder outfitted in a tuxedo. The platinum also features all the bells and whistles commonly associated with luxury vehicles. From heated seats to power deployed running boards this truck has it all. Based on your price point, Ford offers three different engines, to power their behemoth of a truck. The 3.0L V6 diesel, the 3.5L V6, and the coveted 5.0 L V8. The F-150 Platinum also boasts a towing capacity of up to 9,700 pounds. Besides the specs, platinum is on this list because of its versatility. Ford really covered all the bases with this one. The large and luxurious cabin space coupled with top of the line towing capability makes this truck a must-have for any F-series enthusiast.

4. 2020 F-150 Shelby Super Snake Sport

2020 F-150 Shelby Super Snake Sport

The ever-elusive F-150 Shelby is a favorite here at Tasca and we imagine you can guess why. The truck features a unique and menacing front grill design and a lowered suspension design to better performance on the streets. The F-150 Shelby super snake also totes a whopping 395 standard Horsepower from its 5.0 Liter V8. One of the most interesting things about this car is that Ford Only produced 250 F-150 Shelby Super Snakes adding a premium value to anyone lucky enough to stumble into a dealership with this thing on the lot. The performance of this vehicle coupled with the unique design made this car a no-brainer for our fourth favorite F-series truck.   

5. 2002 F150 Harley Davidson Edition

2002 F150 Harley Davidson Edition

 “Born in Detroit, dressed in Milwaukee” – The original special edition Harley F-150 made its debut in 2000. Featuring unique aesthetic appeal and about 260 horsepower derived from a 5.4L V8. In 2002 Ford decided to make some improvements by adding a supercharged 5.4l V8 with 340 hp. The cabin was upgraded as well to include a unique black leather interior. While the 2002 F150 Harley Davidson edition wasn’t Ford's biggest success when it comes to special edition trucks, the low loud menacing stature of the truck and overall performance certainly warrants a spot on our list.  

6. 1997 Ford F150

1997 Ford F150

So, what’s so special about the 1997 F-150? Well in the years leading up to 1997, Ford engineers were working overtime to set the new standard for top-of-the-line pickup trucks. The result of all their hard work and attention to detail is the 1997 F-150. The designer of the car, Andrew Jacobson, leveraged customer insight to create an innovative design accentuated by the luxurious features added to the cabin.  The two engine choices available in the 1997 F150 were a standard 4.2 liter 205 horsepower V6 and for those who want a little more oomph under the hood, Ford included the option to add a 5.4L V-8. In addition to the performance upgrade and meticulously crafted design, these things were built to last. People lucky enough to get their hands on a 1997 F-150 often report their vehicle is still kickin’ well over 270,000 miles.  

7. 1978 Ford F-150 Freewheelin' Edition

1978 Ford F-150 Freewheelin' edition

Now you may be surprised to see this F series model on the list. The little known, Ford F-150 Free Wheelin’ edition looks a little like a classic F-150 with hints of a newer Ford bronco style. There’s no way around it, this car is beautiful, just looking at the grill brings me back to the time when Bell-bottomed pants ran rampant and everyone and their mother styled their hair like Farrah Fawcett. Unfortunately, the aesthetic appeal is about the only redeeming quality of this car. The performance of this vehicle was really nothing to write home about and for that reason, the 1978 Ford F-150 Free wheelin’ edition earns the spot of 7 on our top ten F-series list.  


8. 2012 Ford F-350

2012 Ford F-350


Remember the 2016 F-150 Platinum? Well, consider the 2012 Ford F-350 it's polar opposite. This truck quickly established itself as a must-have for any do it yourself looking to tackle a large project. This truck is defined by its durability and immense power. With a Towing Capacity of 12,000- 12,500 Lbs. this truck is sure to devour any project you throw at it. The F-350 also received the option to add the new 6.7L turbo-diesel V-8 engine capable of 385 Horsepower. The engineering excellence of this vehicle lead it to receive the Truck of the Year Award from  

9. 1999 Ford SVT Lightning

1999 Ford SVT Lightning

Need to haul a massive load of bricks from a construction site at 4pm but also have a street race at 4:30? The 1999 Ford SVT  lightning should suit both of your widely ambitious and possibly illegal plans. So what makes the SVT Lightning unique? The 5.4Liter SOHC Triton V8 with a cast-iron block and Two 8-Valve Aluminum Heads, that can propel this little rocket to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds. With a sleek and inconspicuous design, the 1999 Ford SVT Lightning is the embodiment of the expression “never judge a book by its cover”.   

10. 2008 Ford F-250 Super duty

2008 Ford F-250 Super duty

Looking for a more capable version of the full-size F-150 at a fraction of the F-350. Well, look no further! The Ford F-250 Super Duty offers a combination of brute force and everyday usability like no other. Ford Offers the Super duty in Six Trim levels, The X, XLT, Lariat, Platinum, limited, and our personal favorite, the King Ranch. As the name implies, the King ranch features a western-style trim. Other notable features include keyless entry and a remote starter for those chilly mornings on the ranch. The Ford F-250 performed so well, it accounted for about 50% of Ford F series Sales In 2008! The F-250 super duty more than earns a spot on our list.

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