Check Out This Commercial!

We made a new auto parts commercial. Check it out!

We don’t make commercials very often, but we always have a blast when we do. Brainstorming creative ideas is entertaining, and working with the Tasca team is nothing but fun. Bob Tasca III is a skilled NHRA funny car driver, an astute businessman, an inspiring leader and boss - and always willing to try something new.

Here are some things we learned while filming this newest “Parts Is Not Parts” commercial:

  • Bob Tasca III does not like popcorn (the neighborhood wildlife, incidentally, DID - which made for an extra audience during the filming).
  • Two-liter bottles can really take a beating.
  • Taking left turns (especially at busy intersections) in a vehicle that has lost its power steering is . . . fun? (forced grin)

Yes, we know that no one (we hope!) would ever replace a tail light with a two-liter of red sports drink. But we also know that that some car and truck owners are quite resourceful when it comes to DIY repairs on their vehicles.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality for price! has some of the lowest prices on OEM parts. You CAN buy affordable genuine car parts made by your auto manufacturer - and have them shipped to you. Always remember - nothing fits like an original part!

But our customers always say it best

“Happy customer! Ford Motorcraft part fits like a charm and looks brand new because it is!!! Also glad to see this part was so reasonably priced. Thanks!”

- Jerome G

“Excellent parts. Perfect OEM fit. Upgraded my 2016 F-150 lights (incandescent) with the 2018 LED lights (conversion harness required) and it looks great. Couldn't be happier.”

- David C.

“Did this project with my son on his car. It was his first repair job. Seeing the manufacturer's name on the packaging means a lot to me. I'm a brand name person. We look forward to doing more projects and TascaParts.Com will be a part of them.”

- Larry G.

“Original parts are the best parts! Fast shipping and low cost! 5 stars!”

- James F.

Questions about your car?

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