​10 Ways to Do Thanks

November 11, 2016

Handwriting a letter is one way of showing thanks.I know what you’re thinking.

“DO” thanks?  How does one “do” thanks?

First, we’re well into November at this point. For those of us who live in the United States, November brings Election Day, and Veterans Day (11/11), and Thanksgiving Day (11/24). 

And EVERYONE is suddenly thinking about (and being told to think about) all the things for which they are (or should be) grateful.

But, here’s an idea: how about instead of telling everyone what you’re thankful for, you do something to SHOW that you’re thankful. (Have you noticed yet how this article isn’t auto related? Surprise! Sometimes we do that.)

So, here are 10 easy ways (and, no, we don’t even suggest hugging someone) to give a little back. 

10 Ways to Show You’re Thankful

  1. Tell someone to their face how much you appreciate them - and be specific.
  2. Thank another driver for being generous - and then pass the generosity on.
  3. Give a social media shout out.
  4. Take it old school and write (yes, handwrite) a letter to someone.
  5. Thankful for your family or friends? Plan a dinner at your house.
  6. Thankful for your security? Donate some clothes to a shelter or some food to a food pantry.
  7. Thankful for our soldiers and their sacrifices?
    1. Fly a flag - correctly.
    2. Ask someone about their service.
    3. Visit a VA Hospital and spend time with a Veteran.
  8. Hold a door open for someone. 
  9. Help a neighbor with lawn work.
  10. Buy the guy or gal behind you a coffee next time you’re at the coffee shop.

Really, the list could go on and on. But the point we’re trying to get at is that even one small gesture toward another human can go a long way.

So, next time you’re facing another driver at an intersection and it’s obvious that you both arrived at the same time, be that person who lets the other driver know that they can have the right of way.

Our Thanks to You

As for us? We actually really enjoy telling you  - and showing you - that we’re thankful for your loyalty.

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