Meet Omnicraft - Ford Parts for Non-Ford Vehicles!

January 29, 2021 

Ford's Omnicraft line offer affordable, high-quality parts for non-Ford vehicles.Ford’s newest name in parts now carries Omnicraft - affordable, high-quality replacement parts for your non-Ford vehicles.

Now you don’t have to own a Ford or Lincoln vehicle to take advantage of Ford’s reputation for high-quality aftermarket products. 

As Ford’s first new parts brand in over 50 years, Omnicraft offers the most commonly used maintenance and light repairs parts for all the major brands:

  • Available for most non-Ford/Lincoln vehicles
  • Quality fit and competitive pricing
  • Tested to provide performance and long-life reliability
  • Backed by Ford Motor Company

Omnicraft Warranty

Omnicraft Warranty coverage varies by product category. Omnicraft designed its warranty program to be as competitive as possible with other after-market suppliers.

Product warranty Summary  

Limited Lifetime Warranty: Alternators, Brake Pads, Brake Calipers, Starters, lauded Struts, Radiators

3-year Unlimited Mileage: Coated Brake Rotors, Hub 

2 Years Unlimited Mileage: Oil FIlters, Brake Drums, Air Filters, Cabin Air Filters  

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Omnicraft Product Lineup

To date, Omnicraft offerings include oil filters, brake pads and rotors, loaded struts, starters and alternators, coated calipers, radiators, wheel hub assemblies, and cabin and engine air filters. Additional product lines are in development and will launch as they become available. 

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