Due to the Current UAW Strike, all orders for GM and Chrysler parts may experience a delay.
Due to the Current UAW Strike, all orders for GM and Chrysler parts may experience a delay.

The Fastest Ford Mustang Ever With Bob Tasca

February 24, 2021

An Inside Look At The Fastest Ford Mustang Ever With Bob Tasca III

It’s no secret that Ford Motor Company and The Tasca Family have been entwined since the humble beginnings of Tasca Ford in 1953.  During the Golden Era of the ’60s and 70’s Bob Tasca, Sr Worked closely with other notable figures such as Henry Ford the II and Carroll Shelby to bring Ford to the forefront of performance. Three generations later, The Tasca Family still has a penchant to be the fastest on the track and The Ford Motor Company is more than happy to oblige.

Tasca Racing Today 

Today Bob Tasca III and his Funny Car Team, regularly test the limits of automotive engineering and ingenuity. As a result, Bob has amassed 24 Career Final Rounds and a career-best speed of 326.56 MPH. In March of 2007, Bob Tasca III Broke a World Record, recording the quickest pass in Alcohol Funny Car history at 5.451 at 263MPH! Tasca also holds one of the quickest passes in Fuel Funny Car at 3.89- 326MPH and the First Ford Driver to Break the Three Second Barrier. Today Bob’s Mustang Funny Car is dubbed the fastest Ford Mustang ever.

Ford Mustang 

The Mustang has been a standout in the Ford Motor Company’s product line since 1964. The innovative performance of the Ford Mustang has cemented itself as one of the best performance cars in history. The Ford Mustang Funny Car has differentiated itself from the pack by propelling drivers at speeds of up to 330MPH.  It’s hard to explain exactly what it feels like to witness the breakneck Speeds of the Mustang Funny Car as it darts from the starting line. It’s a wonder, the pavement beneath the mustang doesn’t crumble and spit out from underneath the tires like a lawnmower spewing out freshly trimmed lawn clippings. Everyone may not have the opportunity to witness this behemoth race in person. Fortunately, Tasca Ford and Tasca automotive Group created a short clip, to document an inside look at the Fastest Ford Mustang Ever.

After a tentative 2020 NHRA season and a fifth-place finish overall, Bob has never been more excited to get back to racing. This year has certainly thrown its fair share of adversities at the veteran Funny Car driver. Unfortunately, Like many others, Bob was infected with the Covid-19 Virus at the beginning of the worldwide pandemic. As a result, racing was pushed to the back burner to focus on business operations within his seven dealerships. However, with vaccines rolling out and the promise of a brighter future ahead, Bob is more than excited to get back on track.  One thing's for certain, events of this past year certainly provide motivation and a compelling backdrop for this upcoming season. With the beginning of the 2021 season just weeks away, The anticipation for the continuation of the Tasca legacy is certainly palpable among NHRA Fans. Check out the 2021 NHRA Schedule below, for event dates, tickets, and The NHRA TV schedule  

2021 NHRA Schedule

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