​Tasca’s Mod Shop: A Legacy of Performance

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Once upon a time, there was a quiet, unassuming 1962 Ford Galaxie 500.

Then, Bob Tasca, Sr. got a hold of it.

And the rest is history.

Known as the birthplace of the Cobra Jet, Thunderbolt, Tasca Street Boss, and the Mystery race cars, Tasca has a well-established legacy of designing and developing high-performance cars.

A Little Bit of Performance History

Starting in the 1960s, with the initial decision to modify a 1962 406ci Galaxie, the Tasca Automotive Group has long been a serious contender in the world of drag racing and high-performance vehicles, specifically Fords.

The founder of Tasca, Bob Tasca, Sr. – an established drag racing enthusiast and sponsor – was instrumental in the development of super-charged Fords, like the Ford Thunderbolt and the famous 428 Cobra Jet. He also managed to lure the NHRA Funny Car champion driver John Force away from GM to race for Ford – a huge move both for Tasca and for Ford.

In 2007, the Tasca Mod Shop became the first factory-authorized Shelby mod shop in the world. Carroll Shelby, the founder of Shelby Automobiles, and Bob Tasca, Sr. joined forces with the explicit goal of offering high-performance versions of current generation Shelby and Ford Mustangs. In fact, Tasca’s Mod Shop is one of the few places in the country authorized by Shelby to perform the upgrades to change Mustangs into Shelby Super Snakes.

Tasca Ford and Customer Satisfaction.

The Tasca Mod Shop Today

Today, the Tasca Mod Shop offers various performance upgrades for the Ford Mustang GT, Ford F-150, and Ford F-150 Raptor:

  • PCM performance calibration
  • SCT Handheld diagnostic and programming
  • High-flow air filters and induction systems
  • Billet throttle bodies
  • Stainless steel cat-back exhaust systems
  • Whipple superchargers
  • Upgraded fuel systems
  • Dyno Jet Chassis 

For enthusiasts looking for even more power, the Tasca Mod Shop also offers:

  • McLeod RXT twin disc clutch kits
  • Ford Racing short throw shifters
  • Ford Racing upgraded half shafts
  • Ford Racing handling packages
  • Anti-wheel hop kit
  • Dynotech one piece aluminum driveshafts
  • Vossen wheels
  • Kooks long tube headers
  • MMR billet oil pump gears
  • Mid-Perch upgrades
  • Traction bars
  • Deaver leaf springs
  • SVC off-road bumpers
  • SVC adjustable bump stop kits

Most importantly, however, the Mod Shop strives to keep the Tasca mantra “You Will Be Satisfied” very much alive. As modifying a car is no small feat, and no small investment, personal communication between the Mod Shop and the buyer is a high priority. 

To learn more about the Tasca Mod Shop, visit www.tascaperformance.com.