Spark Plug - OEM Ford (AGSF-32F-ECAX)


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Spark Plug - OEM Ford (AGSF-32F-ECAX)

Spark Plug - OEM Ford (AGSF-32F-ECAX) is a device used in vehicles to deliver the electric current from an ignition system to the combustion chamber of a spark-ignition engine. This is done to ignite the compressed fuel/air mixture by an electric spark at the same time, containing combustion pressure from within the engine. A spark plug, even though a very small component, plays a big role in how your car functions. The spark plug, along with the electrical and timing equipment that powers it, are part of your vehicle’s ignition system. Spark plugs are made from extremely durable material. They are capable of handling millions of so-called explosions before they need to be replaced. Over time, these explosions as well as corrosion can lead to weaker sparks. This can result in reduced efficiency and also lead to other issues. Ford’s AGSF-32F-ECAX range of spark plug adheres to all safety and quality standards to ensure greater protection for your engine. The AGSF-32F-ECAX assures you of a genuine and affordable OEM product that is built to last. It stands out as a smart option for your car in terms of quality and dependability.

Signs you may need a new Spark Plug. 

  • Engine consistently misfires
  • Vehicle struggles to accelerate 
  • Check Engine Light is on 
  • Poor Fuel economy 

Superior OEM Quality 

  • Brand new genuine OEM Ford part
  • 100% vehicle fitment accuracy when provided with your VIN
  • Made from high-quality injection-molded plastic
  • Made to original factory specifications for your vehicle
  • Built to strict quality control standards
  • Guaranteed by Ford’s Limited Part Warranty

Guaranteed Vehicle Fitment

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Finding the right fit for your car is as easy as entering your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and letting our website do all the work.

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Spark Plug
Part Number: agsf32fecax
Other Names: sp439ax
Replaces: AGSF-32F-EC, AGSF-32F-ECA, SP-439, SP-439-A
Description: 2.3L.
  • Ford:
    • Ranger
MSRP $12.16
MSRP $12.16

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