Engine Oil Cooler Line - GM (84424416)

Engine Oil Cooler Line - GM (84424416)

The Engine Oil Cooler Line - GM (84424416) helps to maintain the engine oil’s ideal lubricating temperature range. It consists of a supply line, through which oil passes to cool down, and a return line, where cooled oil is sent back to the engine. The oil cooler lines are built using a combination of a rigid metal part and a flexible reinforced rubber section. Normally, the metal and rubber portions of the oil cooler lines are pressed together with a metal fitting that works similar to a seal to the cooler. This design ensures that pressurized oil is transported without any leaks. GM’s 84424416 engine oil cooler line ensures optimum and superior performance of your vehicle engine. The 84424416 stands out as a smart option for your car in terms of quality and dependability.

Engine Oil Cooler Line - GM (84424416)

  • Brand new genuine OEM GM Oil Cooler Line
  • 100% vehicle fitment accuracy when provided with your VIN
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Made to original factory specifications for your vehicle
  • Built to strict quality control standards
  • Guaranteed by GM's  Limited Part Warranty

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