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February 18, 2019

Written by Joe Payton

Joe Payton found the Adaptive Cruise Control he wanted for his F150  at the priec he wanted at TascaParts.com

Joe’s search for the perfect vehicle could be that of many of our customers. Fortunately, Joe was savvy enough to know he could find a better price online for the Adaptive Cruise Control module he wanted - and he found us! Congrats to Joe and his new-to-him F150!

I found Tasca Parts while researching adding Adaptive Cruise Control to a 2015 F150. In my hunt for a new (used) truck I could not find one with ACC that also had the engine I wanted. I finally found the truck I wanted and tried to negotiate the parts for the conversion into the deal. The dealer showed me their internal pricing for the parts and it totaled over $1200. I knew I could find a better price online. So I quoted the parts through Tasca Parts and it totaled less than $600 including an integrated brake controller that I had added to the order. I got the dealer to pay for the parts and Tasca Parts shipped them quickly and safely. The shipment ended up including a mislabeled part, but the Tasca Parts customer support team handled it immediately and efficiently - the correct harness was sent out very quickly. The whole install went smooth. Overall, a great experience. I will be ordering more parts soon to upgrade my truck.


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