How to Make a Difference One Ford Mustang and One Car Event at a Time

July 09, 2018

Written by Charles Jones

Save Cars, Have Fun, Give Back

Charles, a long-time Tasca Parts customer and the winner of the June 2018 Tasca Parts $200 Gift Credit, is a partial owner of HoonDog Performance Group and an enthusiastic protector of historic Mustang prototypes. Featured here is a piece he wrote for Tasca Parts about his personal collection of Mustangs and the goings-on of HoonDog Performance. Check it out!

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to acquire four Bullitt Mustangs. 

I’ve also been a loyal Tasca Parts customer for many years. I actually followed Steve, one of their Parts Specialists (who specializes in Ford vehicles), from his previous place of employment to Tasca Parts. You can’t beat them for prices, one-on-one attention, and spot-on customer service!

I purchased my first Bullitt in 2001 and still own the car today with 178k miles. It is Dark Highland Green. I purchased a 2008 Highland Green Bullitt in 2008 and held onto it until 2011. I let it go but picked up a 2001 True Blue Bullitt with 35k miles. The interior was flawless, but the exterior needed help. In 2014 I got the itch again. I purchased a 2001 DHG Bullitt from a friend in California. It had 5k miles. By the time I got back to Texas, the car had 7k miles but had still never seen rain. 

Charles Jones' three Bullitt Mustangs

My True Blue Bullitt has been to the West Coast three times, the East Coast twice, Woodward Dream Cruise twice, and a few places in between. It’s been a road warrior.

I am also a 25% owner of HoonDog Performance Group. We organized in 2012 and put together car events annually with the mission of having fun and supporting our charities: JDRF, Boys Republic, and Make-a-Wish Michigan. We’ve also developed a great relationship with Ford. How good you ask? Good enough to save two prototype Mustangs from the crusher by obtaining them from Ford. One is the prototype 2008 Mustang Bullitt that we call Red. Why? Because it’s red. That’s how Ford was able to test without fanfare. The other is the prototype 2012 Boss 302. We call it Blue. 

Red and Blue are two prototype Ford Mustangs saved by HoonDog Performance Group.

In fact, to celebrate the announcement of the new 2019 Bullitt, we just hosted and completed our most recent event - a Route 66 cruise from Chicago to California ending at the Friends of Steve McQueen Show in Chino Hills. We consistently had over 40 cars running the route with us every day. Most made the trip start to finish. Some joined in and dropped out along the way. We were also met by local Mustang clubs and greeted with activities in various towns. Ford even provided TWO 2019 Bullitt pre-production cars to run with us as well as a media team! It was truly a bucket list trip. 

A pre-production 2019 Ford Bullitt Mustang


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