Dream Project to Real Project: 1955 Ford F100

July 16, 2018

Written by Gumby Sanders

Read how one customer rebuilt his Ford F100 into his dream car.

Gumby Sanders always wanted a Ford F100. Perseverance, hard work, and many modifications later and he finally has his dream car! Read on!

I’ve wanted a 1955 Ford F100 since I was a little kid (many years ago). 

About a year ago I finally got my chance. I had just finished rebuilding a coyote-swapped 1955 F100 for a customer; I took a gamble and put in an offer to buy it from him. Poor guy only got to have it for a couple weeks after a long build.

Sadly, the tale of my first F100 doesn’t end well. 

After only a couple months of owning it - and a mere month before my wedding, after which we were going to drive off into the sunset in it  - my F100 and I slid off a wet road into some trees. 

An accident with his first F100 led Gumby to a creative solution.

Never fear! After months of looking, I found another truck. I took the two F100s and remade them into the truck I have now. 

I reused a Ford Crown Victoria crossmember for my new F100’s suspension and installed a 2014 Mustang Coyote motor and MT82 transmission. I then remade a MGW race spec shifter for the truck and used a 2014 Mustang brake booster, hydraulic clutch, and pedal assembly. I also bought a Ford Racing Control Pack from Tasca Parts for EFI (electronic fuel injection) controls.

Ford F100 with a 2014 Mustang Coyote motor.

Gumby also replaced the F100's rear suspension.

Because I decided I wanted a nice cruiser, I fit a 2015 Mustang GT IRS into the F100’s frame. And, to bring a little more new school to the project, I retrofitted an air ride kit from a CTS-V into the truck - without losing any bed space! Since a hot rod is not a cool ride, I added a Vintage Air A.C. And because manual steering isn't for me, I utilized a Volvo S40 power steering pump and reservoir (while keeping the Crown Victoria rack and pinion). As for the F100’s bed - I ordered a new bed kit and then built the wood bed kit myself out of cedar wood meant for a fence.

Rebuilt F100 bed using cedar wood originally cut for a fence.

I still have a bunch to do, but creating a life-long dream is an awesome feeling.

Thanks, Tasca, for all the help. There are countless parts y'all have helped me with for MANY, MANY builds. I look forward to many more years of projects.  

Gumby and his Ford F100 take to the road!

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