5 Reasons to Buy OEM

January 15, 2016

Shop Tasca Parts for genuine OEM parts and accessories.Your beloved Ford (or Volvo or Mazda or RAM) is the victim of a slight fender bender. 

Quick – Do you go OEM or aftermarket part?

If you choose wrong, you may quickly (and, perhaps, unhappily) realize that not all car parts are created equal. 

Not All Car Parts Are Created Equal 

According to the U.S. Census bureau, approximately 10 million car collisions occur every year in our country. 

Often times, your insurer might push you to visit a shop that uses parts other than Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. This is when a little bit of knowledge can save you a lot of grief.

So, why choose OEM over aftermarket? 

Good question. Hopefully, the following information can help give you a little peace of mind and resolution.

Let’s start with basic terminology:

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) refers to car parts that are designed, engineered, and developed by the vehicle’s manufacturer. 

While not all OEM parts are actually made by the vehicle manufacturer (some parts may be outsourced), all parts are made to exact specifications provided by the manufacturer’s engineers, including safety, quality, fit, and performance.

Aftermarket refers to parts and components that DO NOT originate from the vehicle's manufacturer. As such, aftermarket parts are not held to the same quality and safety control standards as OEM parts.

And, if that wasn't reason enough to convince you to go OEM, here are some more reasons:

5 Reasons to Buy OEM

  1. Greater Assurance of Quality: Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) car parts are always designed, engineered, and developed by the vehicle’s manufacturer and should work exactly as the parts you are replacing.
  2. Warranty Retention: Most auto manufacturers back up their OEM parts with a one year warranty.
  3. Perfect Fit for Peace of Mind: Because OEM parts are made by the vehicle’s manufacturer, they are designed to fit the vehicle perfectly.
  4. Safety: OEM parts are rigidly held to federal safety standards and undergo rigorous safety and crash-test procedures that are not required for aftermarket parts.
  5. Value: Aftermarket parts can decrease a vehicle’s book value. If you lease your car, or plan on selling it or trading it, retaining its resale value should be a top consideration when choosing OEM or aftermarket.

To address some of the concerns raised about the safety and performance of aftermarket parts, Ford Motor Company made a video of a comparative test of genuine OEM Ford parts versus aftermarket parts:

The video uses computer aided simulation tests, crash sled tests, and actual vehicle crash tests data to compare genuine Ford parts and aftermarket collision parts. In all cases, genuine Ford parts performed as designed; the performance of the aftermarket parts, however, led to questions of doubt concerning proper air bag deployment.

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