Due to the Current UAW Strike, all orders for GM and Chrysler parts may experience a delay.
Due to the Current UAW Strike, all orders for GM and Chrysler parts may experience a delay.

How to Rotate Tires

Tools Necessary for Install:

  • Safety Glasses
  •  Gloves
  •  Jack 
  • Jack stands * 4 
  • Lug Wrench 
  • Torque Wrench

Difficulty: Easy 

Duration: 30-45 Minutes 

How often: Every 5,000- 7,000 miles Or by Manufacturers recommendation

The word is out, Folks! Performing tire rotations as recommended by your manufacturer can significantly reduce the amount you spend on tires over the years. Tire rotations are an essential pillar of car maintenance, A dogma of automotive cleanliness if you will. So why do automotive professionals suggest regular tire rotations? As you drive, tires tend to wear unevenly. Front tires wear on the outside edges because the tire leans over when you turn corners. Rear tires follow the front tires so they tend to wear more evenly however, it is still important to get your tires rotated to spread the overall wear on your tires and save you money.   

Are you Looking to save some cash on a tire rotation? Fortunately, performing a tire rotation is not that hard at all. You can actually rotate your tires yourself in around 35 minutes. The only thing you'll need is this guide and a few, common automotive tools to get the job done.

What you’ll need to Know Before you get started:

Refer to your Owners Manuel to determine how often a tire rotation is recommended

Determine if your car is front wheel Drive, Rear wheel Drive or Four wheel drive

Determine whether your tires are directional or non-directional tires

  •  Directional Tires are normally marked with an arrow showing the direction of the orientation
  •  Most OEM Equipment and replacement tires are non-Directional however you should always check to be certain  

Rotating Directional tires will consist of switching the front drivers side tire with the rear drivers side, and the front passengers side tire with the rear Passengers side tire.

Rotating Non-Directional Tires will consist of rotating the front drivers side tire to the rear Passenger’s side. The front passenger side will receive the rear drivers side tire. Your rear tires move straight up the car. This rotation will ensure the longest tire life after two rotations  

Step 1:

You can start your tire rotation by Inspecting your tires for uneven wear or exposed wires. Should you find anything unusual, Contact a mechanic for further assistance.

Step 2:

Next thing you’ll need to do is ensure your car is in park and engage your parking brake. If your Vehicle has locking lug nuts make sure you have the special socket before performing your rotation.

Step 3:

Carefully  Remove all your Hub Caps or wheel covers and loosen all of your Lug nuts. Do not completely remove your Lug Nuts at this Point.

Step 4:

First Make sure your car is on a completely level Surface in order to mitigate the risk of your vehicle tipping. Consult your owner’s manual to determine the proper placement of the jack.  Use your Floor Jack to raise the Vehicle and place the jack stands according to your manufacturers Specifications.

  • Four Jack stands are recommended for the fasted and easiest tire rotation. 

Step 5:

Once your vehicle has been securely lifted, remove your lug nuts on all four tires and Remove your Wheels. Set your tires next to their new wheel well. Be sure to Keep track of your Lug Nuts! Nothings worse than losing a lug nut. 

How to Rotate Tires

Step 6:

Now that all of your wheels are off. It’s a good time to inspect your front suspension parts for any looseness/ mechanical Malfunctions.

Step 7:

Put Each tire on its hub and tighten the lug nuts with your fingers until the tire is securely fastened against your hubs. 

Step 9:

Use a torque wrench to tighten the lug nuts in a star pattern 

Step 10:

Re-attach your hubcaps or wheel covers and Voilà! You’ve rotated your tires. 

For More information about tire and Wheel repair, Check out these helpful Tips

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