Tools Necessary for Install:

  • Floor Jack 
  • Impact Drill 
  • Wire Cutting Pliers 

Difficulty: Easy 

Duration: 15-30 Minutes 

How Often: As Needed

Shock absorbers ensure the safety, stability, and comfort of your vehicle. Not only do shock absorbers protect the operator of the vehicle, but they also significantly reduce wear on machinery which could lead to lower overall maintenance costs, and who doesn’t like saving some extra cash on maintenance? It’s fairly easy to tell when you may need new shock absorbers because the wear of your shock absorbers is evident by the quality of ride you are experiencing when operating your vehicle.

 Morning coffee won’t seem to stay in your cup on your daily drive to work? Or do your passengers consistently complain when you speed down that dirt road, effectively turning your back seat into a Tilt-a-Whirl. All these factors and more can indicate it may be time to replace your brake pads. Fortunately, Tasca Parts has got you covered with a comprehensive How-to Video on how to change out those old OEM Rear shock absorbers.     

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