Tools Necessary for Install: 

  • Impact Drill or Breaker bar and 22mm Socket 
  • Break Spreader Tool 
  • Screw Driver 

Difficulty: Easy 

Duration:  20-40 Minutes 

How Often:  As needed 

While a majority of modern vehicles employ disc brakes, Drum Brakes are still prevalent with older models of vehicles. Exactly How long do Drum Brakes Last? That is completely dependent on the vehicle and the continued maintenance of the vehicle over its lifetime. Although many suggest 150,000 Miles to be a good rule of thumb when deciding whether or not to replace rear drum Brakes. Typically, brakes are evaluated during tire rotations. However, if you recognize any of these tell-tale signs of Brake failure, it may be time to change out your Rear drum brakes for a new pair of OEM Brakes!

Signs of Brake Failure

1. Inconsistencies or vibrating when pressure is applied to the brake pedal. This can be due to brake shoes being so worn out that they cannot establish a tight press against the Drum 

2.Hand brakes are also a good indication of impending brake failure. Any irregularities in your hand brakes pressure may be a sign you need to get Rear Drum Brakes. You can test your hand brakes by parking on a small hill and engaging the hand brake. If your car moves  a couple of inches before coming to a complete stop, it may be time for a new set of OEM Brakes. 

3. The last sign your brakes need to be changed is probably the most evident and severe. If you hear any type of scraping when attempting to brake, you should immediately seek assistance as your brake linings are completely worn down and the sound could very well be the sound of metal on metal mashing against each other.

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