Oil Pan - Ford (GR3Z-6675-E)

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  • Ford
  • GR3Z-6675-E
  • Oil Pan
  • GR3Z-6675-A, GR3Z-6675-B, GR3Z-6675-C, GR3Z-6675-D
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Product Details

  • Pan Assembly - Engine Oil
  • Mustang. 5.2L, 2017-19. 5.2L, 2015-16.

  • 5.2L.
  • When it comes to OEM Ford or Motorcraft® parts, we pride ourselves in selling only genuine replacement parts for your Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury.Whether it’s new tow mirrors, or windshield wipers - all replacement OEM parts are held to federal safety standards and undergo rigorous safety and crash-test procedures.

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