Overall Rating: 97.56%
Average Rating: 9.76/10
Tasca advertised that if I supplied the VIN number they would make sure that it was the right part before they shipped. Despite doing so they sent me a part that didn't fit. When I returned what they sent me they said some parts were missing or broken. All in all a very disappointing and expensive experience. I won't buy from them again. Buyer beware.

The customer service Rep, did indeed make an error on the selection, we apologize for the inconvenience. The item returned was reinspected by the returns team and discovered it was indeed damaged.. A full refund has been authorized and again we apologize for a less than perfect buying experience.

Mike King
David Loevinger
Third generation Ford owner and actually worked for the family back in the late 70’s. Great people to work for and was very pleased years later when I found their online parts outlet. I have been very happy with both the price and delivery time of all items I have purchased from them over the years. You can sometimes find an item a little cheaper on eBay but I can almost guarantee you that you are going to wait allot longer to receive it.
Roland Berard
well in Washington DC , im in Ariz , 4 ,,, 3&1/2 years i wrote 4 streetsense.org or media was someday hopeing to come & see where your dad , started Dealership , because years later in after 75 i heard of TASCA ford , liked bob the 3rd racing Funny car wanted real bad to come from washington DC to see it , & Hopefully buy snake Emblem , i have 69 mach 1 was in movie Kill line 1987 -91 ( Bobby kim )) won super Street Final in Pueblo Colo 69 mach 1 blue with white int might be Bud Brudsman car in ((( my first rides )) page 169 i won SS final 1979 would love to talk to Bud , problem is SO would alot of people i had small Mustang shop , & my sons served ,,, 2 of them 1 in Army ,, middle son in marines , 75 ford F100 made into F350 ,

Thank you 4 inspiring Me , God bless & good Runnings Ron Verquer
Ron e Verquer , R@E@V
First time user. I saw some bad reviews on this company on the internet, but I was looking for a part I could not find any were else. So I decided to order from this company. I received my order in a timely manner and it was the right part and worked perfectley. If I ever need another part for my truck I will be using them. Great price good service.
Jeremy Craig
first time using tasca parts, seen as i cant buy these parts for my 2003 ford explorer here in Australia, ford here have deleted these engine parts, great thay sell the vehicle but no back up on parts, very poor ford, the service i got from TASCA was excelent, & shipping wow order shipped on 28 december i received on 4 january ORSM great job TASCA thanks.

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