Overall Rating: 98.75%
Average Rating: 9.88/10
Very good price and fast shipping :)
Ordering was easy, the web site was very intuitive for the part I ordered. Price was great! Delivery was early. "
Travis, Jon Honk
I needed a part for my Ford and Ford was going to charge a ridiculously high price for said part. Tasca sold the same thing for considerably less. The part came very timely and it was the exact part I needed. Packaging was good and I received emails with updates on shipping and processing. Couldn't be happier with my experience! Thanks!
Third generation Ford owner and actually worked for the family back in the late 70’s. Great people to work for and was very pleased years later when I found their online parts outlet. I have been very happy with both the price and delivery time of all items I have purchased from them over the years. You can sometimes find an item a little cheaper on eBay but I can almost guarantee you that you are going to wait allot longer to receive it.
Roland Berard
well in Washington DC , im in Ariz , 4 ,,, 3&1/2 years i wrote 4 streetsense.org or media was someday hopeing to come & see where your dad , started Dealership , because years later in after 75 i heard of TASCA ford , liked bob the 3rd racing Funny car wanted real bad to come from washington DC to see it , & Hopefully buy snake Emblem , i have 69 mach 1 was in movie Kill line 1987 -91 ( Bobby kim )) won super Street Final in Pueblo Colo 69 mach 1 blue with white int might be Bud Brudsman car in ((( my first rides )) page 169 i won SS final 1979 would love to talk to Bud , problem is SO would alot of people i had small Mustang shop , & my sons served ,,, 2 of them 1 in Army ,, middle son in marines , 75 ford F100 made into F350 ,

Thank you 4 inspiring Me , God bless & good Runnings Ron Verquer
Ron e Verquer , R@E@V

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